Alan Weiss


Alan Weiss, Producer, Engineer, Live Music, Bass Player

Photo:  The Clobot

Bass Player


Photo:  Mark Adams

Performing Artist

Alan Weiss, Daphne Moore, Live Music, HopMonk Novato, Open Mic, Showcase

Currently playing bass with both Daphne Moore and Stevie Cornell.

Live at HopMonk, Novato w/Stevie Cornell

Accompanying Stevie Cornell.

Live at Peri's Silver Dollar Bar, Fairfax CA w/Daphne Moore

Accompanying Daphne Moore.

Like A Loop Machine


The first digital single from Alan Weiss and the first release on the Automatic Talent label.


Now available at CDBaby, AmazonMusic, AppleMusic, Spotify and many more.

Cover photo and design by LUXOTRAX.


Engineered and mastered by Alan Weiss at Guerneville's Studio A, for Automatic Talent.