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luxotrax 5waysdelight automatic talent

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Stumptown Rendezvous

One of the tracks from the new album "5 Ways Delight" by LUXOTRAX.

Available at CD Baby and from all major streaming services.  Add it to your playlist!

Yellow Light

From the debut album by LUXOTRAX. Available now at CD Baby and from all the major streaming services.


First song off the debut album by LUXOTRAX.  Or maybe it was those guys from Frankenmuth, MI?


Released 04 July 2019

A Diversity of Genres

Listening to music is like eating at a smorgasbord - you can taste it all and then go back and take more of what you like.

The new EP from LUXOTRAX is similar, delivering music in multiple genres.

The audience today explores all  genres as they stream and then receive intelligent recommendations for new music they might enjoy.

This  phenomenon allows artists to take a much broader approach to the music they hear inside and then decide to pursue, free of any pre-conceived genre restrictions.

As artists explore more genres (as audience members), the natural tendency is to create music in more diverse genres.

Enjoy this multi-genre music from LUXOTRAX.  Get more of what you like...

Track List/Credits

Track 1:  Higher

Track 2:  Rejjae Sangeet

Track 3:  Stumptown Rendezvous

Track 4:  Like a Loop Machine Redux

Track 5:  5 Cardinal Sinz

Track 6:  Every Love Song Ever

Track 7:  Bent String Western Action

Track 8:  Yellow Light

Track 9:  Long Gone

Recorded, engineered,  produced, and mastered at Studio A in Guerneville, CA by Alan Weiss.

Expertise and assistance provided by NekujaK.

Alan Weiss performs courtesy of Automatic Talent.

Copyright 2019 Automatic Talent.

All rights reserved.